If we don’t teach our children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.

To this end, Ashlea Gardens Church of Christ’s youth ministry strives to create a nurturing environment where children and teens can learn about God and grow spiritually.

To serve our youth, we have appointed two young men who exemplify Christ-like character and provide good, healthy leadership to the youth ministry. They serve under the supervision of our elders.

Ashlea Gardens’ youth leaders are:

Youth Tuesday night bible study curriculum

We are studying the bible from cover to cover. Starting all the way at the beginning and moving our way through to the end. We follow the events as they happened chronologically. The book, Cover to Cover, gives us a scriptural outline as we study the historical events in the bible, and how God's plan for salvation started with Adam and Eve, and how that ties in with us today. The book merely provides a structure as to which passages to read from the bible, and which events follow on after each other.

cover to cover

Cover to Cover

Take an exciting, year-long journey through the Bible, following events as they happened. Increase your confidence in the Bible as you see Gods strategic plan and purposes unfold across the centuries. You will be amazed at the genius of Gods promise plan, and you will come to know your heavenly Father in a deeper way as you read through His Word chronologically. The daily reading structure of Cover to Cover Complete makes it easy to complete the entire Bible in one year, and key Scripture verses and devotional thoughts make each days reading more meaningful.

Please Join us every Tuesday night as we study God's Word together.

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Past Youth Functions

Greater Gauteng Youth Function - Career Day

Once a year the Greater Gauteng Youth Committee (GGYC) arranges a Career Day for the younger youth members. They go around to various stations and receive information from people in those careers. The goal of the day is assist the youth in making the correct choice for the future careers. On 16 June 2016, it was out turn to host the event.

Murder Mystery Evening

Cardboard City

The purpose of this function was to raise awareness of all those that are less fortunate than us. Items of clothing or food were provided as an 'entrance fee' and these items were them donated to those in need.

Soup and Blanket Drive

Games Day